Markus Korselt, Managing and Artistic Director of the SKO, is responsible for the musical concept of Resonanz. He sums up the common idea behind the project in one formula:

“Resonance invites people to play: Become part of the orchestra even without an instrument, marvel at the animations and connect with other people on the floor. This is how the work of art is created together!”

“Shaker Loops” by John Adams is a composition for seven string voices (violins 1, 2 and 3, viola, cello 1 and 2 and double bass) from 1978. It is one of the most frequently performed works by the American composer.

In this piece, Adams combines short motifs into “patterns,” that is, rhythmic or harmonic repeating patterns. These patterns develop into organic surfaces that overlap and slide into each other. There is nothing mechanical about the buzzing, pulsating and temporary silencing of the individual voices. On the contrary – it condenses and increases into a highly emotional process that sets everything in vibration. It is as if something living, breathing, speaking is created through the music.

The playfulness is programmatic: the participants on the floor choose a string voice via app. They use the loudspeaker of their smartphones to make them audible to themselves and others. The more participants move on the floor, the fuller the sound and livelier the music …

Everyone becomes part of a great whole and brings something to vibrate themselves. Like in an orchestra.